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They are overly idealistic at times and behave in such a naive way that others take advantage of them. Lovers born on January 3 are reliable and romantic.

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They are attracted to energetic people who can be as dependable as they are. When they decide to commit they do it for a lifetime. They are attracted to intelligent and trustworthy persons whom can offer the same degree of reliability as them. You can conquer the heart of Capricorn by being an honest and supportive partner.

They are likely to surprise everyone around them with the passionate love they are capable of if they come across someone that will truly awake their interest. Otherwise they are aware of their attractiveness and this leads them to a tumultuous love life. A creative person and a freedom lover, once decided to settle will invest all their attention in their family and they will probably have brilliant children.

Some struggle, trial and error will govern parts of their love life but in the end everything will be worth it.

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They are most compatible with those born on the 6th, 9th, 15th, 18th, 24th and 27th. January 3 Zodiac people are very attracted to the other earth signs: Taurus and Virgo as they tend to share the same vision of life. In life, Capricorn is constantly seeking for an attractive and sensible partner and the most suitable to offer them this is the native from Cancer. Capricorn is thought to be least compatible with Sagittarius. As for the rest of compatibilities between the other star signs and Capricorn, you know what they say, stars predispose but people dispose. This hue suggests the conventional and stable nature of the reliable native in Capricorn, who prefers to stay inside their safety zone.

The power color can be used in things around, from clothes, decorations to even the color of your vehicle. The sign stone for Capricorn is the mesmerizing Garnet. This birthstone is thought to bring awareness and truthfulness to all Capricorns. Garnet symbolizes friendship and commitment to a cause.

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With a clear vision to guide their way, individuals born on the 3rd of January make January 3rd Zodiac The Sabian symbol for Capricorns born on January 3rd: Visionaries with the strength to bring their visions to life, these people tend to. A Capricorn born January 3 is symbolized by the goat and has a loving and acquisitive nature. Learn about January 3 birthday astrology.

Other sign stones that are considered to influence people born on January 3 are Sapphire and Topaz. Carnation symbolizes romance and sensuality. It is a flower thought to have been used in ancient Greek ceremonies and relates to the power and passion emanated by an ambitious personality. This precious metal is said to sooth and orient the wearer towards introspection and self development and this is exactly what the moody Capricorn needs.

Those born on January 3 can be described as keen, disciplined and seem to take anything they get involved in very serious. In love and regarding family they are tender and devoted, understanding and helpful but also quite passionate when left alone with their significant other.

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Their financial attitude can be summed as responsible but often too traditional to permit them to win more. When it comes to health, they shouldn't worry as much as they do because it is definitely affecting them, plus they are quite sensible in the area of their knees and with skin in general. What was granted most for those belonging to January 3 from the four below? Answer the following poll and see what other's think:.

This decan is under the supervision of the planet Venus. Those born in this period are realistic and dependable just like a true Capricorn and emotional and charming just as Venus makes them be. This period tempers the positive and negative characteristics of the Capricorn zodiac sign with a great accent on the positive ones.

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Being born on the 3rd day of the month suggests these people are lively, imaginative and very sociable. The numerology for January 3 is 3. This number reveals great human interactions and all kinds of communication. The astrologists divide a year is into 12 periods, during each period the sun being in a constellation area. People believe that different sun signs of the zodiac present different characteristics and talents.

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Answers App. Twelve Signs of the Western Astrology. Am Michael by name am from Nigeria, am born in September I want to know how is going to be for me. You are born with Chinese zodiac Snake sign. According to the detailed Chinese zodiac prediction, you will have a pretty good fortune in learning and examination, and have a great interest in learning new skills.

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We were the greatest of friends and he will always speak if he sees me but won't take phone calls and promises to call and doesn't turn up. This has made me very sad. What should they strive for. If they long for power over others so much — they should also strive for becoming better than them, overcoming their own weaknesses: If your birthday is on January 3 your zodiac sign is Capricorn.

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Daily horoscope. Hey there! Love and Compatibility for January 3 Zodiac. Forgot your password? Mercury enters Capricorn; leo horoscope 20 february.

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