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Musician; Politician; Profession; Change in profession; Profession - combination of planets; Will I be in the teaching profession or will I take up business? Profession - will I stick on to the present job or will I take up another? If so when? Profession - medical.

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Comment : The Krishnamurti book on profession. Chapters with questions are resolved by analysis of the natal chart, with the planet ruling the day of the reading thrown in. Principles of KP medical astrology; 2. The pathogenic effects of the 12 signs of the zodiac; 4. Nature of disease denoted by each sub-lord ; 5. Disease of the subs; 6.

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Sub-sub table; 7. Mental disease; 8. Indication for epileptic fits; 9. Indication for heart disease; Combinations for cancer disease; Breast cancer; Combinations for tuberculosis; Venereal disease; Combinations for diabetes; Leprosy; Planetary combinations for elephantiasis filaria ; Paralysis; Diagnosing the disease by KP horary method; Zodiacal sign index.

Comment : Of note, the highly detailed lists of parts of the body ruled by each of the sub lords, the parts ruled by each of the nakshatras, diseases of each of the sublords, and a table of sub-sub lords. Includes numerous chart examples. Punarphoo dosha; 2. Changes the marriage date; 3. Marriage problem; 4. Marriage agreement; 5. Professional problems; 6. Will marriage take place; 7. Set back in fine arts; 8. Abnormal delay in marriage; 9. Success in secret love affairs, Failure in marriage; Love failure; Marriage - accuracy in prediction; Sublord - the endoscope in KP; Punarphoo dosha; Professional aspects; A miserable martial bliss; A miserable honeymoon; Setback in life; A detected director by profession; Abnormal delay in marriage; A denial of marriage.

Comment : Punarphoo is a term for Moon - Saturn aspects in the natal chart. It might just be me, but these definitions sounded slightly screwy. Punarphoo also applies to Saturn aspects to the chart generally. The table of contents above give a good, brief, description of its possible effects in the chart. In northern latitudes eg, North America, Europe, Asia , in the winter the sun rises to the south, in the summer, the sun rises to the north.

RAMC is a way of keeping track just how far north or south the sun is rising on any particular day of the year. Among its other uses, RAMC is used by astrologers for the calculation of primary directions.

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Free KP Janma Kundali, KP Horosocpe with Predictions. Free online KP Astrology software. Here you can get your complete Krishnamurthy paddhati (KP) birth chart with preditions. Astrology - KP ===================== Mindsutra Software Technology/www., the leading Astrology/Horoscope software development.

Before modern tables of houses, RAMC was part of the necessary calculations for determining the ascendant. The tables produce Placidus house cusps, which are given in degree notation in Tropical not sidereal zodiac. Convert by deducting the ayanamsa of your choice a table of Krishnamurti ayanamsas are given, from to The Krishnamurti system of sub-lords requires great accuracy with house cusps.

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These tables are said to produce cusps accurate to the nearest "seconds" sic of arc. Myself, I'd rather use a computer, but these are impressive tables. Click here for a PDF sample. Zodiac; 2. Which planet indicates these stars? Zodiacal signs; 4. Identify the signs; 6. Find whether positive or negative sign for the house; 7. Western aspect - degrees; 8. Vimshsottari dasa; Planet number; Planets - day lords; Identify the symbols for the planets; Symbols; Child birth; Ruling planets; Casting the horoscope; Diseases; Abbreviations; Prayers; Domestic environments; Indicate which planet signifies these gods; Astrological terms; The planets - how doe they act?

Approximate level of exaltation of planets; Lucky days; Virgottama - dwadesmamsa; Balance of dasas; Planets in 12 signs; Identify the rasis from the pictures; Comment : This is a total of exercises for sharpening your astrological skills. The level ranges from much too simple name the planet beyond the Earth's orbit: Venus or Mars to quite demanding: To make contracts, agreements , yes or no? In the Forward, K. It highlights the accurate nature of the K. Stellar Method. It will be obvious to the users that, various types of questions from their clients can be effectively countered using this method.

For students I would recommend this book as it would help them hone their skills with regard to handling queries from clients in the future. Ganapathy 1. Is progeny promised? Why progeny prolonged? Love marriage 6. When is the marriage - through KP Wife pregnant or not? Will my love affair materialize?

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Issueless due to non attaining puberty No issue at all By what time shall I be blessed with a child? Delivery before maturity time Prospects of child birth - KP reveals Death of all children Astro-diagnosis of pregnancy Krishnamurti Padhdhati confirms "delivery of female baby" Any child for me Premature delivery Can the time of child birth be assured by KP?

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Venus ilm; Rahu are in the sub of Jupi:er which is the sub lore of 7'h house - t he house of marr'iage and union. Jupiter or Jupiter sub, Moon sulrsub. The KP system has its own rules and guidelines for analyzing various chart configurations. Thank proposal feH through and it is good for us. Therefore, the significalor of these two houses are Rahu, Kethu, Jupiter and www. Vakya Panchangam , Vakya Panchangam My Lord llct1lsta I'tahaSilnapathy for gl.!

Save for the Preface, none of the articles are signed. Good luck! Shanmugham's exposition of Krishnamurti astrology, combined with two books of essays on Krishnamurti astrology, by K.

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Subramaniam, his son. The third volume is copyright , we first saw it in January, Part 1, the first book, is a fairly straight-forward exposition of Krishnamurti astrology.

He passed away before he could complete it. In its place, K. The same approach was used in Book 3. That page number is the sublord for the degree of the ascendant of your horary chart. This is how KP does horaries generally. Note the position of sublord of the 5th house.

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If it's in the area ruled by the sub of the 6th or 11th houses, you win big. If it's in territory of the sublord of the 1st or 3rd, you win only a little. If the 5th sublord is in the sub of the 12th or 5th, you loose badly. If the 5th sublord is in the sub of houses 4 or 8, you have moderate loss.

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If the 5th sublord is in the sub ruling the 7th or 9th houses, your losses are slight. Complete contents of all three books. The effective method of birth time rectification Rectification of birth chart by Krishnamurti Padhdhati On rectification of birth time Recti. Stellar astrology and timing of marriage Rectification of birth time Rectification of birth time Rectification of birth time Comment : In this book, many individual case studies of chart rectification, using various Krishnamurti Padhdhati methods, from a variety of uncredited authors, perhaps including Prof.

Krishnamurti himself.