Fire sign chinese astrology

Chinese Astrology Signs and Their Characters

Fire makes Earth ash.

Which type of Sheep are people born in 1967 Chinese zodiac year?

Earth produces Metal. Metal carries Water. Destruction: Wood separates the Earth i.

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Earth absorbs Water. Water smothers Fire. Fire melts Metal. Metal penetrates Wood. If the last number in your birth year is: 0 or 1, you are a metal element. Strengths: Passionate and enthusiastic Creative Persuasive and charismatic Spontaneous and adventurous Always up for a challenge Warm and loving Weaknesses: Attention seeking Impatient Manipulative Susceptible to mood swings Aggressive Impulsive and volatile Dislike being alone Earth Earth is stabilizing and mediating. Strengths: Stable and rooted Serious, practical, and logical Compassionate, caring, and empathetic Responsible Loyal and honest Nurturing Organized and good at planning Strong and enduring Weaknesses: Overprotective Stubborn Conservative — have trouble taking risks Reserved Metal Metal is the diamond found in the rough — it is the breath of life.

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Strengths: Courageous Ambitious and competitive Independent Determined, disciplined and focused High morals and high standards Weaknesses: Lacks communication skills Stubborn and sometimes unreasonable Judging Susceptible to being cruel and merciless Cuts ties easily Jaded Water In Chinese Taoist philosophy, Water represents intelligence and wisdom. Cara Hebert.

Chinese Horoscope 2019 Fire Tiger

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It is generally referred as energy of destroying and rebuilding. It also directly relates to a lucky lovelife.

Fire Zodiac Element

In the regenerative cycle of Wu Xing , wood engenders Fire as "fire is generated by rubbing together two pieces of wood" and it must be fueled by burning wood; Fire begets earth as "fire reduces everything to ashes, which become a part of the earth again". In the conquest cycle, water overcomes Fire as "nothing will put out a fire as quickly as water"; Fire overcomes metal as it "can only be melted and forged" by flame or heat. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Fire disambiguation. Wood Fire Earth Metal Water. However, the Dragon natives should be cautious in terms of spending money.

Rising Signs for the Chinese Zodiac

Futile expenses need to be carefully kept in check. In , Dragon natives can find love also during the social interactions or even during the meeting with the work colleagues. Because you wish to keep your existing relationship, you will need to make some compromises during May. It is possible to receive some news regarding a pregnancy during this period.

It is good, in this regard, to carefully check your Feng Shui zone. Compatibility: The Dragon sign is compatible with the Monkey and the Rat natives. Some of the best compatibilities from the Chinese zodiac are between these signs. Give yourself some space and your relationship is going to be pleasant. The Chinese horoscope foresees for the Dragon natives an excellent state of health at the beginning of the Earth Pig Year of , which is going to give them enough physical resources for the rest of the year.

The Chinese Horoscope recommends to take as many breaks as possible and to take time off to relax all throughout the year, whenever you have the chance. Starting in April, you need to be more careful about your health and it is a good idea to make time, periodically, for physical and mental recovery.


The five elements are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. One of the five elements is associated with each of the Chinese zodiac signs and year cycles . Fire-type people's personality, appearance, temperamental traits, talking ways, Personality and Horoscope for 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs of Fire Element.